Everything You Need to Know About Dentist Check-ups

Individuals with good oral health will probably need to visit their یونیت دندانپزشکی providers for dental cleanings and check-ups twice a year. People with higher treatment needs will need dental check-ups more often. For instance, people with a weak immune system, gum disease, or a genetic predisposition for cavities or plaque build-up need to visit their dentists more frequently for optimal care.

When you visit your dental provider for a check-up, he’ll ask you questions about your health. He’ll ask you about any problems that you have had with your teeth and mouth. He may also ask you questions about your tobacco and alcohol use, diet, and teeth-cleaning habits. It’s important that you tell your dental provider about any medications that you are currently taking, any illnesses that you have, and any operations you have had in the past.

A dental examination allows your dental provider to see if you have any dental problems and it helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy. At each check-up, your dental provider should examine your gums, teeth, and mouth. He will check for problems that you may not feel or see. Remember that tooth decay doesn’t cause pain or become visible until it reaches a more advanced stage. Your dental provider will also look for the signs of oral cancer and other illnesses and check for problems with your restorations such as crowns, braces, and fillings.

X-rays should be taken during your check-up. They’re an important part of any dental examination. X-rays provide a lot of detail and help to diagnose problems on the teeth. X-rays will also allow your dentist to check the health of the bone surrounding your teeth. Keep in mind that some oral health problems cannot be seen without an X-ray.

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