Fake Security Cameras Are Effective

Companies that market dummy surveillance cameras claim good state for fake id that the dummy security system is much better than no security at all. Let us take a closer look on to the subject to determine if a dummy security system can really reduce the criminal activities in and around your home & business.

Many claim that the fake security cameras have helped prevent many crimes particularly when mounted on a high profile & in totally visible locations. These cameras are generally not hooked up to anything but operate for longer period in battery. These fake cameras are also designed to give out flashing lights & other obvious characteristic which makes them look real.

With today’s technology an inexperienced thief would never be able to determine if he/she is looking into a security camera or a dummy camera. Only an experience thief would be able to determine if he is looking at a fake or a real camera. The idea behind fake camera is to create an illusion of active monitoring which would stop thieves to indulge in criminal activities.

A recent survey says that the fake security cameras prove to be effective when one is expected to be covered by security cameras. When the crime rates in a city inevitably rise & cities are strapped for cash the ratio of fake cameras is about 2-1 in major metros. Except for the recorded footage provided by the real security system dummy security system have proved to be as effective in reducing crimes like the real cameras.

The reason behind fake cameras being used majorly than the real ones is since they are easy to install & are available at most affordable rates. The fake cameras are considered to be a great innovation in deterring thieves as thieves are always looking for soft targets. However a major disadvantage of the fake security system is that if someone uncovers the fake security system in place then the chance of rate of increase in criminal activities in the property would be huge.

The danger of false sense of security can also lead to other legal liability problems. As a business owner the employer is liable to give proper protection to his employees as well as customers. If the employer is found using a fake surveillance camera then the employer becomes liable for negligence of security.

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