Forex Megadroid – Scam – Report Scam and get your money back

If you’re looking for a profitable automated Forex trading system and are considering the Forex Megadroid robot then these are probably some of the questions which are now on your mind. Before you spend your hard earned dollars on this software, you want to know if it’s really worth the money. And I don’t blame you – retail online Forex trading, lucrative as it may have been to many small traders, has seen it’s share of Report Scam and get your money back-mers and fraudsters so one can never be too careful when analyzing a Forex trading system, especially a new one like Forex Megadroid.

To be honest, the Megadroid software left me really skeptical at first. Its back test results graph simply looked too good to be true, on top of that the test included data from the last 10 years (since 1999), all the while showing the same consistent profitability, month after month. I decied to start from the beginning: who developed the Forex Megadroid software? What type of analysis system does it use?

The developers of the Forex Megadroid system, Albert Perrie and John Grace describe themselves as professional traders with almost 40 years of combined experience and also as the inventors of RCTPA, the latest Forex trading analysis methodology which relies heavily on AI – Artificial Intelligence. RCTPA is an acronym for “Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis”.

As I pointed earlier, looking at the Forex Megadroid results I was really skeptical in the beginning. However, my own backtest analysis yielded more or less the same results (minor differences, as I used historical data provided by a different broker and there are always some minor differences in the brokers quotes)… This made me curious. Upon analyzing the results of historical trading I began to realize that the Forex Megadroid system manages to always (well, almost always – no system is perfect!) trade in the direction of the short term trend!

How was that possible? Just as the developers explain in the manual and in one of their video interviews, utilizing the power of the new AI technology based on the RCTPA method, the robot was able to “predict” short-term price moves with an such high accuracy and execute those orders with very high probability of success! Obviously, it is a lot more likely for a trader to close their trades profitably than if trading manually. However, the software must be used correctly and that’s where many people can go wrong and end up thinking that the product is a scam!

Here’s a few simple tips which will help you get the most out your purchase should you decide to give Forex Megadroid a try. No Forex trading software is perfect and Forex Megadroid is no exception. It can not and will not win all the time. Look on the bright side – no human trader is perfect either! What Forex Megardoid can do, however, is provide you with a consistent and adaptable AI-based strategy and this should increase your chances of success significantly. Smart as it may be, Forex Megadroid will not be able to account for global economic events so it is best not to use the robot during heavy-impact economic announcements, such as for example the Non-Farm Payroll report, Consumer Price Index, Consumer Confidence index and other major news announcements.

This of course can not be a reason to declare that “Forex Megadroid is a Scam” (although some people, I am sure, will do just that). As was mentioned earlier the system can analyze and correctly determine short term trends in the market. This however does not relieve the trader from certain responsibilities, and most importantly, simply using common sense. For example: Do not trade against the daily trend and, as pointed above – during high-impact economic announcements. A quick glance at the charts will show you whether it is OK to let the robot trade or it’s better to wait out an unfavorable situation.

My opinion is: No, it is not a scam. You can download the product, as described, immediately upon payment. You are getting software which is easy to install and operate (average installation time is less than 5 minutes!) You are not dealing with scam artists who will snatch your money and disappear into the cyberspace. If you get stuck their support will answer all of your questions. And last but not least – there is a full 60-day money back guarantee, so you can return it at any time if unsatisfied with your purchase.

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