Spend Time With People Who Recharge Your Spirit

Have you ever met someone who honor of kings top up your energy just by being there? Perhaps it is the things they say or how they say them, or the way they respect and value your goals and ideas, or the example they set. These are people that you need to be around regularly to recharge your spirit. So many people in the world are negative. They complain and criticize about everything. They always have an excuse why they don’t get off their butt and achieve something. These people can wear you down after a while.

There are other things that can drain your spirit as well. Everyone has their own share of problems and pressures. If you are stretching your comfort zone, so that you can become more in life, then you will run up against far more problems and pressures than the average person, simply because you are doing far more. It is important that you regularly recharge your spirit so that you feel renewed and ready to move on to becoming all you can be in this incredible life. One of the best ways is to regularly spend some time with people who help you recharge. People who are well developed personally have this ability and they are happy to share it with those others who are genuinely on the path to developing their own potential.

A simple way is to read books and articles by, or listen to audios of, successful, inspiring people. This is a way that you can get a lift any time that you need it. For this reason I think that the ipod (and similar devices) is the greatest invention of recent times. You can carry around in your pocket a whole audio library of inspiration and knowledge to be tapped into whenever and wherever you wish.

Another way to recharge is to attend live talks given by inspiring people. There are all manner of seminars available in most major cities around the world and these seminars cover a huge range of inspiring and informative topics. It can really help to attend these from time to time. By far the best way to tap into that recharge is to regularly mix with people who have the recharge quality. The sort of people who walk the walk. The people who can always find a positive side to every situation and enjoy the challenge of overcoming obstacles and roadblocks. These people will give you a massive spiritual recharge if you spend enough time with them.

Where do you find people like that? Well if you work to develop those same qualities within yourself then you will start attracting those rechargers to you. You could also make a decision to join or form a power group that meets regularly. A power group is a group of success minded people who help inspire each other, share knowledge and contacts, brainstorm ideas, and help each others’ success journey in any way that they can.

If you form your own power group be prepared to fire anyone who isn’t up to scratch and always be on the lookout for suitable new members. Most power groups function best with 4 to 10 members. I personally find 7 to be the ideal number. Whatever it takes, make sure that you get a recharge at least once a week, whether it be through reading, listening, or interacting directly with a powerful recharger. YOU can be successful in all areas of your life! Acclaimed Author & Success Coach, James Delrojo will show you how to turn your life around in just 30 days and unlock the flood gates of success. You Deserve Success!

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