List benefits of bulk sms services

Bulk SMS is a great tool for all type of Marketing Bussiness. sms api Bulk SMS Services is a great marketing tool which can grow your business to great hight. In today’s world, companies are looking for effective means of communication to reach their clients and upcoming customers.

Before starting a Bulk SMS Marketing  campagin  you must  first decide what type of Bulk SMS marketing you are wishing to do there are two types of Bulk SMS marketing such as Promotional SMS marketing and Transactional SMS Marketing.for communication and their conversion rate into lead Generation is very high compared to other platforms.

Promotional SMS Marketing is mostly used for sending any offers or promoting company services or product to the huge audience using an SMS marketing platform. promotional marketing can only be down between 9 Am to 9 PM. In promotional SMS marketing, messages can only be sent to Non-DND(DO Not Disturb) number.

Transactional SMS Marketing deals with sending transactional messages such as OTPs and alerts to your registered clients. in transactional SMS  messages can be sent 24/7 any time and message is sent by your own 6 characters sender ID such as  VM-ICICIB.

SMS messages are used for making communication safe and secure between client device and server. Using OTP message which makes communication safe and secure. OTP SMS messages are widely used for authentication of users and making confidential message secure and safe.

In today’s world where there are many marketing tools available in the market still, people prefer  Bulk SMS for communication to huge audience. Many Sectors of Bussiness use Bulk SMS marketing in their daily business they are Government and corporate banks, Insurance Agency, Retail Market store, fashion Market are all big user of BULK SMS SERVICES.

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